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Henrik Curtz
OK skjorte, men uden “Baronfornemmelse”.

Faktisk købte jeg ikke min seneste Ambassadorskjorte - jeg fik den forærende af Barons, fordi de tre nederste knapper i den første, jeg købte, blev ved med at gå op. Næste virker helt fint. Generelt synes jeg ikke, skjorten adskiller sig markant fra andre bløde skjorter på markedet. Men alene det, at det er en Barons, øger glæden ved at eje den (min Barons nr. 13 😄).

Jonas Jahn
Fatastisk behagelig skjorte!

Dejlig komfort, og utrolig god pasform.

Steen Alva-Jørgensen
Sublim casual elegance

Fantastisk, med stretch og stadig elegant feel. Jeg kommer til at spille golf i denne, på mine "stepping up style / Hogan look" dage :-)

Bastian Lind


Pernille Bendixen
Lille i str.

Købte en str. L som skulle svare til str. 41, men den var for lille og særligt for stram ved overarme. Så må desværre returnere. Vh Pernille Bendixen

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100% satisfaction. Guaranteed

Not happy with your first shirt. No problem - just send it back to us. No questions asked.
If you like our version of the oxford shirt, the Founder. Then you willlovethis one.

Joachim Latocha, Founder

  • Our Signature Piqué

    Our Signature Piqué

    The fine mesh 100% organic cotton fabric is made from high-grade long-staple cotton fibers provides the comfort and flexibility that you already know from your t-shirts. The Ambassador is pre-washed to reduce shrinkage to a bare minimum.

Never go on trips with things you don'tlove

Piqué? Isn't that a football player?

Admitted. It's the surname of a Spanish football player. However, it is first and formost an extremely versatile knit fabric. The ideal fabric for comfortable casual shirts.

The Ambassador is developed with our signature 195 GSM piqué fabric in order to create a light, breathable and extremely comfortable shirt with lots of natural stretch. And, just as always it's made from 100% natural fibres. Of course.

  • Cotton is not just cotton

    When it comes to cotton, it's actually quite simple. The longer the cotton fibers, the longer the garment lasts. The longer the fibers, the more comfortable it is to wear. Therefore, we only use long-staple cotton for our pique fabric.

Synthetic fibres. No thanks!

In our world, plastic-based synthetic fibres do not belong in a high-quality polo shirt. This is why we avoid using elastane, spandex, polyester etc. in our shirts. It’s often the cheap, dirty way of achieving so-called “stretch”.  

As any garment is washed and worn repeatedly, its mass decrease over time. This means that some of the textiles are washed into the environment, either from laundry washing or from surface abrasion. In the end, this fibre will become micro-plastics. Furthermore, a large share of products will end up in a landfill far from where it was first sold.  

We don't like microplastics in our oceans which is why we have opted for the natural alternative. The polo is knitted in loops, which gives you natural flexibility and 360° stretch to the fabric without using any plastic-based synthetics.

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  • 105 EUR


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  • 160 EUR

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    Incl. agent and retail mark-up

We eliminated all costly middlemen defining the traditional retail model. Instead, we sell directly to you.

No sales - No BS! Just a 100% honest pricing model so you can buy what you need when you need it. Simple as that!

When less is more

So what does the Corporate Warriors say?