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Fabric thickness

  • 125 g/m2 | The Lawyer
  • 130 g/m2 | The Consultant
  • 160 g/m2 | The CEO
  • 175 g/m2 | The Founder
  • 195 g/m2 | The Ambassador
What is the difference?

Below, you can see the difference between our five models, each of which is distinct

The Consultant

Our bestseller and our take on the ultimate business shirt. And now it’s even organic. Made from 100% Egyptian extra long staple (ELS) Giza cotton. The safe choice on busy Monday mornings.


Our personal favourite. The CEO has a sophisticated appearance with its visible twill texture and its tireless performance. An obvious choice for formal occasions.

The Lawyer

Our lightest fabric is weaved with ultra-fine twisted yarns. This is the perfect shirt for your next negotiation meeting. Very high crease resistance and a silky smooth surface. We spent nearly two years getting this fabric right before the initial launch in 2019. The Light Stripe Signature Twill fabric (125GSM).

The Founder

We love classics that stand the test of time. No shirt embodies this more than the iconic button-down oxford shirt. The casual Friday shirt.

The Ambassador

Our first edition of the iconic polo. Perfect for the tennis court, the beach or the garden. Our organic signature piqué has been refined with smaller loops which results in a soft, smooth and clean texture.

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